Our roots

Anton Hanspeter and his two brothers were independent cab drivers in Bozen, Meran and Arco. Anton’s son, Jakob, was South Tyrol’s first car entrepreneur. In the mid-1960s he had a fleet of 5 taxis and 2 buses. Cab driver – car entrepreneur – taxi – organizer of pleasure trips for car lovers, the core competence is always the same: the members of the Hanspeter family have always accompanied and looked after travelers through their ancestral home, regardless of whether they were traveling for professional or tourist reasons.

Back in autumn 1990. At that time Werner Schultheiß war organizing first meetings of Fiat 850 Spider-Bertone drivers, where each participant was invited to bring spare parts that he did not need. The Fiat 850 Spider model at this time was out of the interest of the independent cat clubs, therefor it couldn’t be expected any help of them.

Christian Bianco, the chairman of the Classic Team, was one of the participants of these meetings and took the decision to merge a new club with an international approach. The “International Fiat 850 Spider Team – Europe” (ISBeT) was born and after very little time it a high demand. In the following years Christian Bianco successfully organized meetings throughout Europe for the ISBeT, until he left the team at Christmas time in 1995.

The new beginning

It was the second of June 1997 in Galeen (NL) where Christian Bianco together with other Fiat 850 Spider drivers took the decision to found the “Fiat 850 Spider Bertone h-c-team”. The purpose of this new team was to organize common adventures without being restricted by a strict regulation. This team was only dedicated to selected members, always following the motto “class rather than mass”. The Team rarely appeared in public. One of the few public appearances was the official presentation during the big Fiat meeting in Schleswig.

Broaden your own horizon

For the 20th anniversary in 2017 it was clear that the team needed a new paint. Aims such as the supply of spare parts now, in the online age, didn’t matter anymore and the club’s approach has changed. Nowadays we focus on organizing joint pleasure tours. One of the main news was it to open the club to everyone: now all lovers of old-timers (until 1978) can become members and take part in the events. The new team, the Classic Team, saw the light of the day.

To maintain the old there are several sections inside the Classic Team. For example, the “Fiat 850 Spider Bertine-hc-team” and the “MG friends of Southtyrol” (founded in 2013). For particularly enthusiastic members, we have also launched the third and final section: “VIP Circle – only the finest is good enough”.

We are looking forward organizing many future events for you and drive into a glorious future.